Analysis and Evaluation

The company analyses and evaluates appropriate data and information arising from monitoring and measurement. The results of analysis are used to evaluate; conformity of products and services and; the degree of customer satisfaction; the performance and effectiveness of the Quality Management System; if planning has been implemented effectively; the effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities; the performance of external providers; the need for improvements to the Quality Management System.  Methods to analyse data can include statistical techniques such as, but not limited to, sampling plans, acceptability limits, standard deviations, etc.

So much help!  So many suggestions.  A small sub clause with plenty of these types of words; appropriate, degree, can; but very little prescription at all.  Just a few suggestions with the emphasis on us the company to determine what we should do to satisfy our needs. But guess what?  There are no requirements for maintained or retained documented information.  We just need to ‘demonstrate’ that we make decisions using ‘acceptable’ analysis and evaluation tools and methodologies.  Let the learned opinion commence.  Sheesh.