At myQuality.com.au (Quality) we rate client satisfaction as one of our key performance indicators.  We regularly seek feedback to ensure that our performance and services not only meet but exceed client expectations.  Here is what just a few of Quality’s clients are saying:

Recent feedback

"We are a small machine shop that has recently implemented the myQuality software system with great result. The structure of the system is practical and intuitive which simplified the development of our Quality system and made it easy for all our employees to embrace and follow."

"We were reluctant ISO 9001 people fearing that paperwork and procedures would stifle our ability to get things done. This was not the case and it forced us to make improvements to our existing systems that we are very happy with. The quality system is a nice piece of infrastructure we can use to manage change. Thanks myQuality"

"All policies/procedures and records are in one place and easily located.  myQuality made attaining and retaining proceses leading to ISO and other certifications/acredtations so much easier."

"The system is user friendly and if you maintain it and have all employees using it you reduce rework and you are always using the latest version of documents. "