After Delivery

After delivery activities.  The company meets requirements for post-delivery activities associated with the products and services.  In determining the extent of post-delivery activities that are required, the company considers: a) statutory and regulatory requirements; b) the potential undesired consequences associated with its products and services and ; c) the nature, use and intended lifetime of its products and services and ; d) customer requirements; e) customer feedback.  Post-delivery activities can include actions under warranty provisions, contractual obligations such as maintenance products and services, and supplementary products and such as recycling or final disposal.

Yawn.  Sorry, did I nod off?  The key word is….CONSIDERS.  It goes on to say, ‘can include’ and a number of other very subtle escape clauses or conditions.  All the points brought forward are bona vide considerations.  The difficulty is proving consideration when the standard does not ask for maintained or retained documented information.

You can be pro-active and include these in your business plan.  Don’t have one?  Include them in your agenda for management review.  Don’t want to?  Reference the requirements in a cross reference table.  All too hard?  Well it is only  too hard when our auditing colleagues begin to demand we demonstrate our intimate knowledge of such matters and then cry foul if we don’t spoon feed records that demonstrate our considerations.

When we do this stuff for you, we troll through the evidence you may or may not have.  We then generate our world famous cross reference table and include / review set points in policies and review in management review.  For most there is no real benefit in just keeping auditors happy.  For others, the discovery phase though each of these can be truly enlightening.  Which will you experience?  Case closed.